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    22May 10, 2012 at 11:05 am192Im asking myself whats left to say about this guy. Just leave your dirty hands off the Gothic and Risen series.Do you want a Spike award for your perfomance on RPGCodex?I guess you were left looking like an idiot on these forums, just like you do in your interviews.Valkenhayn, Lets leave this clown.Bro-Fist!f

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    Very nice, Kirsty. Yes, the ‘bio’ can be a frustrating, embarrassing thing. (‘Damon Young writes better than he jogs. In other words, he has low ambitions.’)On Sitwell: yes, she was a fascinating character (part of that odd, modern Christian tradition, along with Eliot, Waugh).

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    Networking würde man heutzutage sagen;dazu da gab es dann einen Staatssekretär im Ostberliner Verteidigungsministerium, einen Anwalt in Ostberlin usw., und alle wollten natürlich eine Scheibe von dem Kuchen haben. Aber die Details gehören nicht ins Netz. Auf jeden Fall war es ziemlich interessant …

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